Explosive Wing Chun Training

For the past two months I’ve been working with the Bulgarian Bag twice a week for more explosive Wing Chun.

Over the years I’ve always focused on intense cardio conditioning.  Trying to make sure I was always in the best physical condition to outlast my opponents.  When I started doing BJJ a couple of years ago my sparring partners picked up on my conditioning.  I was the one who never gave up.

But what has always been missing (… and deep down I knew this) was a strength aspect.

Reluctant to give up on my intense conditioning I’ve been using the Bulgarian Bag for the past two months.

This isn’t the routine I’ve been doing but it’s a nice short clip demonstrating the bag in action.

With the bag I’ve been doing a lot more single leg strength.  And now I’m starting to reap the benefits.

When you stop and think… so much of what we do relies on single leg strength.

Off the top of your head you think ‘kicking’ but what about the power coming from the support leg?

What about the power coming from your support leg as you knee?

What about the power coming from your rear leg as you push forward and drive through your opponent?

Single leg strength is important.  But it’s more than just single leg strength.  It’s being explosive with it.

Flying forward with commitment, speed and control.

Now that I’ve been doing my Bulgarian Bag work for two months, I fully intend to keep it up and make it a regular feature of my training.

Now I need to add some explosive training to my upper body work too.

Last month I picked up a copy of Scott Sonnon’s Tacfit 26 and I’ve only just had time to start going through it.

While I was checking out the videos the other night I noticed his single arm medicine ball slams and they’re really cool.  I’ve just been looking on YouTube to see if I could find an example but they were all very different.

His version of single arm, medicine ball slams (… a slam ball that doesn’t bounce would be better) as wicked.  They’re a really good way to add explosive power to your punches while keeping the movements very, very Wing Chun specific.

In a nutshell you assume your stance…

Then you bend forward somewhere between 45 and 90 at the hips…

Then (with your back hand) you fire the medicine ball into the floor just by your front foot…

It’s almost identical to punching, the arm mechanics, the foot positioning and the hip movements.

But with the resistance of a weighted medicine ball.  I started with a 5 kg ball to get the technique right and try to get into the flow of it all.  Ideally you want to be able to bang these bad boys out in repetition without too much break in between slams.

Probably the best, most specific exercises I’ve seen for training your Wing Chun punch explosively (other than just punching) I’ve seen.

If you got the time and the motivation you can pick up a copy of Tacfit 26 HERE

That’s pretty much it.  For the next month I’m going to be keep my Bulgarian Bag once or twice a week and add Tacfit 26 on my other days.  I think it’s going to be particularly good for building up my upper body strength while maintaining my physical conditioning because it is an intense program.

Train hard,

Alex Chuen

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Bruce Lee’s best student…

Now he may not be the highest ranked student under the late, great Bruce Lee but…

Jesse Glover is widely regarded as Bruce’s best student.  Having never had the chance to meet with Jesse Glover all I have is to go on are the accounts of people I do know who trained with (and under) Jesse…

… and YouTube.

Thank God for YouTube.  It’s been a fantastic tool for ridding the world of martial arts non-sense now we can witness and see fights, other martial arts styles and (unfortunately) brutal and graphic street violence.

Back to my point — Jesse Glover.

Not a great clip but a fantastic demonstration of some classic trapping based Jeet Kune Do and clips of how nicely and how fast Mr. Glover was.  Even as he got a little older and a little heavier ; )

Here’s to you Jesse.

Thanks for your humble presence.

Feel free to leave a comment below, share some insights or recommend some resources.

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The Scary Reality of Knife Defence

Show this is just a demonstration on reality knife defence.

But I like how the guy talks.  He changes his tone, he becomes aggressive and then he goes a little crazy.

It demonstrates how scary and how aggressive a knife attack really can be.  No crazy techniques and no false hopes here.

Leave a comment below…

Take care,

Stay safe!

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