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Ip Man 3 Trailer – Released 2012

The third in the semi-autobiographical account of the Late Grandmaster Yip Man — Ip Man 3 — hits our screens comes 2012. Personally I really enjoyed the first, was a little disappointed by the 2nd and am looking forward to a (fingers crossed) return to favor third episode in the infamous saga.

Here’s to a bright future for Wing Chun schools who (again, fingers crossed) make the most of the millions of dollars in cinema promotions that can be put to our arts long-term success.

Watch this space!

Let me know what you think about the Ip Man 3 Trailer (and the previous Yip Man 1 and 2) in the comments box below!

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Ip Man Trailer

To say it’s a “semi-autobiographical” account is a bit of an understatement but a cool Kung Fu flick none-the-less.

The first Ip Man (also spelt Yip Man) film has definately been a success and we’ve actually had many students who’ve even heard of Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Here’s the trailer for the first movie — a nice recap!

We lost a lot of content after a recent hacking of our site so we’re slowly rebuilding from the ground up, thanks for your patience!

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