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Wing Chun Pressure Point Attack

This is a interesting clip, it doesn’t really look like the Sifu intends to hit his student with a Wing Chun Pressure Point attack but at the same time — it doesn’t phase or bother the the Sifu. ¬†Which makes me think he’s done it a few times before!

During Chi Sao he uses the neck pulling hand (meng geng sau) from the 1st part of the Wooden Dummy form to grab his students neck. ¬†Notice it isn’t really a grab, it has an impact all to itself…

… just watch his students face!

Fast forward to about 2.20minutes where you’ll see a nice smooth combination which results in his student hitting the floor!

I’ve called it a pressure point but IMHO it looks like the impact on the back of the neck was enough to rattle the brain. Coupled with the fact that the student hadn’t braced or expected it.

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