Gulao Wing Chun from the Home of Dr. Leung Jan

My first real knowledge of Dr. Leung Jan is from the epic movie “The Prodigal Son“.

Love it!  Although I’ve not seen it in years I’m trying NOT to because sometimes you can go back and be a little disappointed as the film ages and you progress martially.

Gulao or Kulo Wing Chun is the style of Wing Chun created by Dr. Leung Jan after he retired back to the Gulao village after time in Fatshan.  The name of the style is actually Pien San or Side Body Wing Chun and was a final modification to his Wing Chun.

Making it shorter, quicker and easier to learn.  Is it better or worse?  Who cares, if you really love your art it’s another lineage of Wing Chun to marvel at, learn from and enjoy.  Variety is the spice of life, right?

We got bigger battles to fight and IMHO one of those is conserving our art so that we don’t make the mistake of trying to turn it into Mixed Martial Arts which inevitably turns into a ‘bad version of stand-up and grappling.

Note: Conserving is very different to preserving!

This is a short clip with the performance of a form from Gulao Wing Chun.  Watch the entire clip because half-way through there is a demonstration of Chi Sau by two students.  It’s very different and very interesting to watch because there is a lot of Chi-Na type controls, the stances are lower and they move around a lot.

Not too much striking but then it is only a short clip.  Make sure to leave your thoughts on the clip below and remember young grasshopper, empty your cup!



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