Robert Downey Jr. Training With His Wing Chun Sifu

After scouring the internet for my daily dose of Wing Chun I came across this clip of Robert Downey Jr, star of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, training on set with his Wing Chun Sifu.

Personally I think it’s a nice clip.  He moves nicely and the training is training.

IMHO too many people treat their partner training (and believe everything should be) like a fight.  When in reality you need to ‘play’, try new stuff and not be scared to get hit and make mistakes.

How else can you get better and improve?

From what I understand his Wing Chun lineage is GM William Cheung >> Sifu Eric Oram >> Robert Downey Jr.

Other than being a famed student of Grandmaster Yip Man, GM Cheung has a unique take on Wing Chun that wasn’t taught to anyone else.  Personally I never believe stories based on “I was the only/best/last/favourite student and learned the real system” but accept different interpretations, lineages and variations.

Ultimately it’s about sticking to the principles, mottoes and doing what works for you.

Much much better than the terrible Wing Chun done by Nicholas Cage in Bangkok dangerous where he plays a hit man training a local Thai in his art of assassination and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Here’s that clip of Robert Downey Jr doing Wing Chun Kung Fu.


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