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Bruce Lee’s best student…

Now he may not be the highest ranked student under the late, great Bruce Lee but…

Jesse Glover is widely regarded as Bruce’s best student.  Having never had the chance to meet with Jesse Glover all I have is to go on are the accounts of people I do know who trained with (and under) Jesse…

… and YouTube.

Thank God for YouTube.  It’s been a fantastic tool for ridding the world of martial arts non-sense now we can witness and see fights, other martial arts styles and (unfortunately) brutal and graphic street violence.

Back to my point — Jesse Glover.

Not a great clip but a fantastic demonstration of some classic trapping based Jeet Kune Do and clips of how nicely and how fast Mr. Glover was.  Even as he got a little older and a little heavier ; )

Here’s to you Jesse.

Thanks for your humble presence.

Feel free to leave a comment below, share some insights or recommend some resources.

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