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Who’d Win in a Fight? Wing Chun versus Muay Thai Boxing

It’s that age old question…

Who’d win in a fight?

From a sporting perspective, that’s largely been answered in the ring, the cage and the octagon.  Modern day MMA clearly shows which style is best under sporting conditions as close to a real street fight as you could possible get.

Ultimately they’ve proven two things:

  1. Only a few styles can hold their own in the octagon (Muay Thai, BJJ, Wresting, Boxing, Sambo and a few others)
  2. The better trained and higher skilled fighter usually wins

I say usually wins because the reality of fighting is that anyone has a punchers chance.  It only takes a split second where a better opponent walks onto a punch and it’s game over.

In our quest to find out the ultimate street fighting style, we still have this mad, bad thing in our Wing Chun brains about provening ourselves to be the best art for a real ruck on the street.

With no referee, no rules and no one to jump in and help.

If I’m honest I don’t know why we care?  We should just do our art, enjoy our art and make it better.

Here’s a short clip with the Wing Chun man coming up on tops against a Muay Thai student.

Unfortunately it still proves nothing, because you can’t replicate a real street fight and if you look… the Muay Thai guy is more concerned with his elbow (and if it’s cut) after he hits it on the mirror than the actual confrontation.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T to both the Wing Chun student and the Muay Thai kickboxer for their efforts and standing up to prove themselves.  Unfortunately, it still leaves the unanswerable question, unanswered!

Leave a comment below.  If they look anything like the crap on YouTube they’ll be deleted.

Keep it clean, keep smart and keep it logical.

Like our art!



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