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The Scary Reality of Knife Defence

Show this is just a demonstration on reality knife defence.

But I like how the guy talks.  He changes his tone, he becomes aggressive and then he goes a little crazy.

It demonstrates how scary and how aggressive a knife attack really can be.  No crazy techniques and no false hopes here.

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Take care,

Stay safe!

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Wing Chun Chain Punching – Nice Video on Concept versus Reality by Alan Orr

Have to confess to knowing very little about Alan Orr other than the fact he’s a Wing Chun guy with fighters who compete in MMA and K1.

Much to my surprise, I quite like what he says and how he explains his Chu Sau Lei. Unfortunately, I think there’s going to be a few ‘website warriors’ who don’t like what he has to say.

Especially when it comes to chain punching.

Have to say, I agree 110% with Alan Orr on this one. Too many Wing Chun students see chain punches as the ‘be-all and end-all’ the number 1 tool that can’t be defended.

Mmm… maybe… if you’re fighting someone who doesn’t really want to fight or doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Without speaking to Alan personally, I don’t know his full-thinking behind punching. IMHO chain punching is a good finisher (ie. if you’ve got a foot in the door, hit the guy and want to land a series of successive strikes).

On thing that’s clear from this video is Alan speaks from practical experience gained from time training as, and with fighters who can rumble.

If you’ve had more than a few scraps for real or in the ring, then I think you’ll appreciate what he has to say about the Wing Chun Chain Punch.

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In the video Alan Orr explains that the ‘classical chain punch’ is for training purposes only.

It teaches you the line of attack, how to create space, how your hands alternate (think right, left, right left) but not really what you do in application.

If you try to chain punch for real, against someone trying to fight back, then you have no guard or coverage for your head.

In the video it’s nicely demonstrated how to use the ‘concept’ of chain punching to change hands, stay covered and use your hands together.

It might be easily missed but there’s a lap sau in there that controls the body of opponent and stops him turning back into Alan. That, for me, is critical thinking and about hitting, without getting hit.

I’m a little shocked that there were 17 likes and 14 dislikes! Argh! Give the man some credit, sure his Wing Chun isn’t classical but he is ‘representing’ he is ‘part of the family’ and he has fighters in the MMA scene.

Attack the fact that he’s not classical, but not the fact that he’s sharing real insights in the world of fighting and Wing Chun in the modern world.

Want to hit harder? Visit www.wingchunpunch.com

Intelligent comments below are always appreciated!

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Wing Chun Smashed in MMA Fight… Again!

This is going to get me some negative comments… sure you can offer your opinion but please be constructive!

Yet another Wing Chun fighter gets smashed in an MMA fight. No surprises there.

Bizarrely enough I’ve just back from a Muay Thai stand up session where we were chatting Mixed Martial Arts with the emphasis being on MIXED martial arts.  Back in the day — think Royce Gracie in his GI — you’d see style a) versus style b) but the sport has evolved.

It dawned on open-minded, practical thinking martial artists that you had to draw the best from numerous styles to compete and win in the cage, hexagon or ring (if that’s where you fight).

This poor dude has no idea but credit where credit is due — he had the boll** to get in there and learn the hard way.  Hopefully he now knows if he wants to compete in the Mixed Martial Arts he needs to train at an MMA school or at least start to diversify and learn to grapple.

I don’t want to get drawn into a big phat argument over which style is the best and the PURPOSE of your training (ie. for self-defence, to compete or for the sheer enjoyment) but IMHO watching this video there are some very obvious faux-pas.

  • Many stand up styles have stances too narrow for MMA and need to go wider to deal with take-down attempts where as this dude just stands there in a neutral position like a gun fighter waiting to draw.
  • It’s pretty obvious the other figher is into his grappling which highlights the stance issue above even more!
  • The Wing Chun guy stands for the best part of 2 minutes with his guard up (looking pretty odd) and that screams inexperience in the cage or a ring to me.
  • Then charges in with a crazy attack — remember Mixed Martial Arts are a sport — and ring/cage craft coupled with testing your opponent are part ‘n parcel.  Getting a feel for your opponent and testing his strengths and weaknesses.
  • FINALLY — the Wing Chun student has ZERO grappling skills.  No defense to the take-down and no idea what to do on the ground (other than give up his back).

A big phat ZERO for Wing Chun today.

I like Wing Chun, I think it’s a practical martial art great for self-defence.  It has a wide array of great attacks for self-defence and it’s philosophies are perfect for street fighting BUT…

… if you’re going to fight MMA then remember it’s called MIXED martial arts for a reason!

I agree with this guy:

Any Wing Chun trainers out there, listen to me. I trained Wing Chun hard and loved it – it is a fantastic art with the right instructor – a lot of fun and great for self defence. But you cannot beat an MMA fighter without some knowledge of other arts. As for this guy’s instructor – what an idiot! This is 2011 with 2/3 UFC events every month – he was always gonna get owned.

Here’s the video and leave your comments below!


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