The Best Way to Get Fit to Fight…

Nearly 17 years ago I remember chatting to my Si-Hing, my older Kung Fu brother and telling him I wanted to get fitter.

That I was going to start running.

He replied “Why?  So you can run away?!”

So I started running and 17 years later I still run, turns out he was right and wrong.

Why He Was Wrong

He was wrong because when there are SO many lazy fookers in the Wing Chun world who like the idea of learning a martial art, bragging about their possession of all-mighty fighting skills and spending their time commenting on YouTube…

… they definitely needed a kick up the ass in the training department!

So with a little bit of running to my training repertoire I quickly had the stamina and fitness to out punch, out spar and out train many of my class mates.

Why He Was Right

Looking back now, he was also right.

Because at the time I was going out for long, slow runs which is the complete opposite of a fight.  Sure it helped me grind through longer training sessions but when it comes to short bursts and being explosive — with hindsight — long, slow runs weren’t the best use of my time.

In recent years I’ve replaced longer, slower paced runs with fast bursts and sprint training.

Mixing my running with interval training — running fast for a short distance and adding press-ups, burpees, tuck jumps and other explosive exercises on the end.

And from time to time, I run a 5 mile route but make sure it’s an all out effort and make it as fast as possible.

You Fight How You Train, So Train How You Fight

Of course it all comes back to what are you training for.

If you’re training to fight, if you want to be more explosive then that’s how you have to train.  You fight how you train so you must train how you fight.  Mix technical work (where you focus on good form) with higher intensity, more realistic training and you’ll be a whole lot better equipped to deal with a fight scenario or evening sparring your partners in class.

Final thoughts, an even better is to get fit by doing.

The ultimate specific kind of training is punching, is kicking and doing all your combat orientated training at full power and speed.  On the bags, on the pads, on the dummy, in the air and — where safety permits — on a partner.

The supplement it with your sprints, your weights and your high intensity training.

It’s time to ramp up the training and start training SMART!

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