Wing Chun Sparring, Trapping and Elbow Techniques

Like any martial art (or any subject in fact) there’s a lot of good, bad and damn-right ugly on the internet.  When it comes to Wing Chun sparring, trapping and elbow techniques you’ll find a lot of footage where everyone is 100% out of range.

Thinking back over the years it’s only now I realize how painful the experience of NOT finding the right range is.  It’s the same for boxing, thai-boxing — any martial art where you want to emulate a fight, or fight.

When you don’t find the right range you half-ass it — your punches are short, your elbows launched from too far away — and while the sparring, trapping and elbow strikes feel good.  Ultimately you end up cheating yourself and taking on bad habits.

Elbows are my real nightmare as you’ll see time and time again people looking for to land their Wing Chun elbows (because they hurt) but always out of range.

This is definitely one of the better clips.

Master James Sinclair spars (or plays) with Bob Sykes of Martial Arts Illustrated.  Watch how Master James Sinclair is always in range, his shots find their target and his elbows REAL close.  Better still he controls Bob Sykes head as he elbows – even better!

Finally, as Bob pushes forward watch Master James Sinclair’s footwork.  How he moves back and keeps space between the two of them which means a) he doesn’t have to grapple which is an area we’re not so strong at and b) means he can continue to hit and potentially hurt Bob.

A cool clip that also shows how just ‘playing’ is useful, that you don’t have to all-out fight, get injured and hurt EVERY session.  Another mistake super-keen students make.  If you’re training daily and you get injured you can train and you can fight.

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  1. Ubaldo

    I only have a question. Since I missed the video!

    Where are you guys located?

    Thank you,


    • Wing Chun Team

      The guys in this video are based in Essex in the United Kingdom. If you google Master James Sinclair and UK Wing Chun then you’ll find him and his schools. I’m not affiliated with them. Just showing some respect 🙂

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